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Our Newest Soup

Packed with calamari, mussels, cod, clam and shrimp, our Seafood Chowder is a new, flavor-packed favorite!

Our Mission

At Chef Edwin's Soups, we strive to bring you a quality soup rarely found in your grocer's shelf. A delicious soup using the finest quality of ingredients available, we balance low sodium and low calorie content with great taste and flavor, also using all natural and local ingredients.

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Oysterville Sea Farms loves being able to offer Chef Edwin’s Clam Chowder, Smoked Salmon Chowder, and Oyster Stew. Ours customers love all of it! Our biggest challenge has been keeping it in stock. Fortunately Chef Edwin’s fills our orders almost immediately after we make them. We are very happy with Chef Edwin’s products and their excellent customer service!

Dan Driscoll, Oysterville Sea Farms

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Chef Edwin's Soups is proudly located throughout Oregon and Washington state. Use the locator to find us near you.


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